Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot and Bothered

If you think you're hot, just think about this poor mama with these four heat-seeking missiles. They are constantly pushing their wiggly, hot bodies against her in search of breakfast, lunch, supper and assorted snacks.

How would it feel to be the vending machine for this never-ending open buffet? Apparently, it's exhausting.

The mom has moved her four babies into a single-family home in our backyard - a.k.a. a window well.

So far, Millie hasn't bothered them, though she is constantly seeking playmates among the other felines lounging in the 100-plus-degree heat in the backyard. As cats are wont to do, they pretty much ignore her.

Randy is on his quest to tame these newest additions to the farmyard.

We'll see if the mama cat leaves them in their current accommodations or packs them up and moves them to an undisclosed forwarding address.

Let's hope she puts them to work on mouse-hunting detail soon. There's no such thing as a free lunch around here.

Farmchicks Farm Photo Friday


  1. Thanks for stopping by the County Line and especially for leaving a comment! I loved the photos of your girls on your blog. It reminds me of days gone by!

  2. OMG so adorable. We didn't have any barn kitties show up this year, sad, but a mixed blessing because it is less kitties I have to take to be fixed ;)

  3. Oh sooooo cute!!! I need barn one ol' cat is failing in his duties!