Friday, July 22, 2011

Keeping Your Cool

Let's face it: Even the most even-tempered soul is finding it hard to keep cool and collected in this heat.

With the thermometer racing past the 100-degree mark on a daily basis, we're all looking for ways to stay cool.

I am not swimsuit material. So far, I haven't found one that has 3/4-length sleeves and capri length pants. So I have to find solutions for heat in any way I can. Salads to the rescue!

Check out my Lovely Branches Ministries' Food for Thought July message for ideas for cool summer salads and also some reflections about "DEPENDENCE" during this month we celebrate "INDEPENDENCE."

Stay cool - inside and out!

Here's one to get you started. Just click on the Food for Thought link above for more summer ideas.

Summertime Main Dish Salad

I don't really have a recipe for the salad pictured at the top. Make your own version, but here are ideas to get started:
  • I start with a generous base of romaine lettuce or spinach leaves (or mix them both).
  • Choose your own fruits. This time, I added canned mandarin oranges (you can also cut up a naval orange), strawberries, blueberries and green grapes. (Other options might be cutting up nectarines, plums, apricots - whatever is on sale in the produce aisle for the week. In the winter, when there are fewer options, I cut up an apple.)
  • Feta cheese (just a sprinkle)
  • Walnuts (again, just a few. Or you can choose another favorite nut. I like walnuts because of the Omega 3.)
  • A sprinkle of dried cranberries or other dried fruit (opt.) Again, watch the amount added because of the calories.
  • Grilled chicken, grilled steak or salmon (only use about 3 ounces for 1 serving. That's the size of a deck of playing cards.)
  • Light raspberry vinaigrette dressing. If you need to watch calories, measure the dressing instead of just pouring it on.
A sit-down restaurant would charge at least $10 for a salad like this. Make it at home and savor the taste ... and the money savings!


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