Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Being Stalked

Some girls in our area are being stalked.

But don't be alarmed. This kind of "stalking" is not a reason to call the police. Our cows have been on milo stalks during the fall and winter months. Last Friday, Randy & Jake moved a group of 37 cows across the road from our house. Since they were 8 miles away, the guys loaded them into trailers for the trip.

At least something good came from this year's milo crop. Even though our harvest was dismal because of the Drought of 2011, it has provided some nutrition for the mama cows who are awaiting the arrival of their offspring in February.

The drought also reduced the amount of alfalfa hay and silage we raised this year. So the milo stalks provide an economical solution for non-lactating cows and heifers.

Brent helped move another group while he was home. Since they were just moving down the road, he and Randy used 4-wheelers for that roundup.

Next stop for the expectant mamas will be the various "maternity wards" we'll set up closer to the barns and shelter, just in case the babies need an overnight stay out of the wintertime elements.

And the cows will be doing the stalking, looking for tasty leftovers. Don't you just love leftovers?

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