Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two Cute

Two calves.
Too many.
To a 4-Her.
The End.

C'mon now! I never give you the Reader's Digest version of any story.

One of our heifers (a first-time mom) had twins last week. Bonus, right? Two for the price of one!

But not so fast. Many times, mama cows just claim one of the babies. And that's what happened this time, too.

Randy is more into grandparenting mode these days. Hold the baby until said baby cries, then pass her off to the mama. (The joy of Grandpahood!)

Admittedly, there's no feeding possible in the Wonderful World of Grandparenting right now, as Mom is on call 24/7. But Randy got in on some feeding action with the unclaimed twin.

See, he has some commendable mothering skills, too.

Still, this little calf needed an extra dose of love and attention. Enter 4-Her.

This little lady will get lots of one-on-one time with a 4-Her who loves her and wants to take her to the Stafford County Fair in July.

Aubrey and her dad came and picked up the calf on Sunday. So Randy is out of his nursemaid job. He's OK with that, especially when he knows how the 4-H bucket calf program helps grow kids into responsible adults.

Exhibit A.
Exhibit B.


  1. Kim

    Your Husband must be a lot more cooperative and willing to be your picture and blog subject than mine! What's your secret?

    Hope you have a great calving season!

    1. Yes, he is definitely cooperative. In fact, he just came to the house to get me to photograph pulling a baby calf (and help run another one into a separate pen). I think he likes telling our story this way. It's a busy morning. There was a baby born overnight. The guys just pulled a calf, and they are watching another one. I think there's a calving update in my future!