Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Own Houdini

Swaddling wasn't in vogue back when my kids were little. These days, there are even newfangled wraps made especially for swaddling. Kinley has a couple of them.

But even if you get her all wrapped up in a tight cocoon, she finds a way to free her hands. I think she may have a future in magic.

See that hand starting to poke out?!

Magic is in her genes after all.

Her Grandpa has been called Fantastic Fritz on occasion.

He's done his fair share of magic at school, at 4-H, for community programs, for little girls' sleepovers and for children's sermons.

He hasn't tried the Houdini straitjacket illusion. And these days, he seems to spend more of his free time on the golf course than exploring magic.

But maybe it's in his granddaughter's future. She seems to have that escape artist thing down.

And she's already magic in our book.


  1. Kim:
    Congrats on Kinley's birth. I opened the Courier this week to her announcement. Beautiful! Hope Jill is getting along and enjoying each moment of motherhood. I KNOW you are loving being a Grandma! Nothing better!

    1. I am loving this Grandma business! I'd love to live next door (though Jill and Eric probably don't have the same wish)!

  2. Magic is a perfect term for that grandbaby. Kahlan was also a little Houdini with that wrap stuff! I never did get it figured out to keep her inside. Enjoy her, I'm sure you are!!

    1. Thanks Jerri! It is such fun! Hopefully she won't miss her mama too much during the days!