Monday, January 16, 2012


Lighthouses don't dot the landscape of central Kansas. My "skyscrapers" are windmills and grain elevators.

But I'm still thinking about the lighthouse we toured at Tybee Island, Ga., during the holidays. There's a mystery to lighthouses. We envision the beacon of light leading boats to safety.

We imagine the lighthouse keeper dutifully climbing the circular staircase to keep the light shining and protect sailors from crashing on rocky reefs.

Join me at Lovely Branches Ministries and my Food for Thought blog today for more photos and thoughts from a lighthouse. And while you're there, check out the other blogs at the Vine Press, including a new photography blog, Moments in Focus, from my friend, Adrienne.

I'm linked today to Michelle DeRusha's Hear It on Sunday, Use It On Monday.


  1. I kind of miss lighthouses (I'm originally from New England) -- they do hold a sense of mystery. The life of a lighthousekeeper...can you even imagine?

  2. Growing up in Kansas, I haven't had a lot of experience with lighthouses :-) That's one reason I wanted to go. I was surprised that this particular one wasn't right on the water. I loved it, though.