Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Early Arrival

Early arrival seems to be a trend. Our first baby calf of 2012 arrived Monday. Mom and baby are doing well even though the little heifer calf is 2 weeks ahead of the due date.

Little girls coming early seems to be a theme for the County Line these days.

Babies are miraculous. When you're the parent, maybe you're too tired to truly appreciate the miracle. But a grandparent watching a sleeping baby has another perspective. It's hard to explain. Grandparents are enthralled by the little squeaks, the facial expressions that shift as subtly as a wheat field in the breeze and the grasp of a little finger.

After spending a week with Kinley, I have a new appreciation for the miracle of a baby calf, too. Yes, this little creature has a few moments when its four legs don't want to work together. But within hours, it's running after its mother. The subtle steps toward independence begin so much more quickly in the animal kingdom.

The mama and baby have joined the other heifers on a wheat pasture near the barn in awaiting the arrival of pen mates for little No. 2001, the first calf of 2012.

Now if only the rest of the babies would arrive on sunshine-filled winter days. That would be a miracle, too! One heifer down, 31 to go.

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