Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

 How I Spent My Summer Vacation
By Kinley Marie

Who knew that I, Kinley Marie, had accumulated 10 vacation days in my 6 months here on Earth? So, when my Grandma Kim and Grandpa Randy came to visit last Friday, I saved my parents some dough and let the grandparents take me for the day. 

I like day care and all my friends there. But grandparents? They are pretty easy to entertain.
Show a little musical ability. Sing a few Sunday School songs. And Grandma is happy. Check out the markets and the weather. And Grandpa is thrilled.

Exhibit a little interest in reading, and they are both over the moon with delight. They are SO easy.

I wowed them with my super fantastic new tricks. A little Army crawling can make the older generation go a little crazy with their unbridled enthusiasm. Bring on the applause people! 

After meeting Mom and Dad for lunch in downtown Topeka, we visited Mom's office. Let's just say I was popular there, too.

Giraffe and I were pretty tired after our excursion. And we needed our beauty rest since my big 6-month photo shoot was Friday evening. Being a model is hard work, but I think I pretty much rocked it. I had gotten lots of practice since Grandma seemed to have a camera recording every moment of my day before that. 
A pesky fever kind of ruined my half-year birthday celebration on Saturday.

But I still managed to try my first bites ever of food. I'm not sure what I think of rice cereal at this point. Time will tell.

A popular girl's entertaining work is never done. After a quick photo with Grandma Kim Sunday morning, I was off to Humboldt to entertain my Daddy's side of the family at a reunion. I may have to go to day care just to get some rest.

The End
Love from Kinley and the Ever-Shrinking Dolly

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