Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Lurch

lurch1 (The dictionary definition)
vb (intr)
1. to lean or pitch suddenly to one side
2. to stagger or sway
the act or an instance of lurching
[origin unknown]
lurching  adj

lurch (The County Line Definition)
1. n
Kinley's crawl

When Jill and Kinley visited last weekend, we were anxious to see her new trick - crawling. She's only 6 1/2 months old, but she is already on the move. Her day care center calls her a "go-getter."
When we saw her moves, we decided it was more "lurch" than "crawl." She gets up on her tippy toes and hands likes she's doing a pushup, then she lurches forward. 
This unconventional approach to crawling does not slow her down in the slightest. She chased a measuring cup all over the kitchen floor when I was cleaning up lunch dishes.

Nothing is safe, especially TV remotes, full glasses of water on the floor, cell phones or magazines. Forbidden items make little girls move even more quickly as her Mommy and Daddy are discovering.
Even though it's only been two days since we last saw her, Jill says her lurch has turned into a more fluid crawl. I'm glad we got to see the lurch. It provided lots of comic relief for her many visitors this past weekend, who literally laughed out loud to watch her get where she wanted to go.

Kinley was all seriousness about the crawling. Her comic relief came in the age-old game of peekaboo.
Who says folding laundry is boring? You just need a short helper.
Note the "I'll just ask Grandma" shirt. Her Grandma Christy gave it to her. I think she has lots of options in that area with two grandmas and three great-grandmas. Lucky girl! Lucky us!

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