Friday, July 11, 2014

Front-Row Seats

We didn't want to get kicked out of Century II, so I didn't turn my camera flash on. Since it was intermission, it probably would have been all right. But, we weren't exactly incognito there on the front row.

Yes, the front row!

So, we may be in the dark, but here's our proof of a little culture for the farm folk! (I look better in photos in the dark anyway!) For my birthday, Randy got me tickets to Music Theatre of Wichita's production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat."
I promise I was good and kept my camera in my purse for the production. I pulled the production photos from The Wichita Eagle's website this morning.
Photo from The Wichita Eagle by Christopher Clark
The voices were amazing, especially Darcie Roberts as The Narrator (left) and Ian Patrick Gibb as Joseph (middle).
Photo from The Wichita Eagle by Christopher Clark
It's not a musical from which I knew all the songs before I went, but I still might have been singing "Go, Go, Go, Joseph" as we left the building.

Someone who hadn't left the building? Elvis. Pharoah (played by Ryan Vasquez) was the Egyptian version of Elvis in his '50s-style rendition of "It's Good To Be King." It was just one of many instances for a little comic relief.

My date thought he was going to have to stay home to bale hay. But with our 2.5" of rain, he was able to go. I found it rather ironic that the plot (based on the story in Genesis) has farmers, drought and crop abundance as central themes.

See? It was a musical for a couple of farm folk!

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