Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Get a Mooo-ve On by Kinley Marie

Hello! It's Kinley Marie, getting a "moo-ve" on at my Grandpa's and Grandma's farm.

I was there with my family to celebrate Thanksgiving and an early Christmas. We were going to have our own feast for the second day in a row! But the cattle needed their breakfast first. I learned that a farmer has to make sure his animals are fed, even when there are important things to do - like open presents!

Grandpa wanted me to ride with him in their big, big, BIG feed truck. I said, "No, no, NO!" It was much too big and much too loud. So Grandma and I followed behind him in the pickup.
Once Grandpa got to Peace Creek, he turned the big truck around and went through the gate to the silo.
Jake was in the tractor and got silage in his tractor scoop. (Click on the silage link to learn more about silage on my Grandpa's and Grandma's farm. I am not the only writer in the family.)
He dumped scoops into Grandpa's feed truck. I counted them, "1, 2, 3!"
Then Grandpa drove down the road into another lot and unloaded silage into the bunks.
Jake brought two bales of hay on the back of the tractor.
Soon, the cattle came running! I guess they were hungry.
I watched them eat. Silage must taste better than it looks and smells.
There was a calf looking in the mirror at me while I was looking at his friends!
Once we got back to the farmyard, Grandpa picked up a handful of silage and showed it to me. I was glad I was getting homemade pizza for lunch instead of silage.
Feeding cattle was quite an adventure. I had plenty to tell my fellow preschoolers when I got back home. They know all about Old MacDonald. But I know a real farmer, and he's my Grandpa!

But, I have to be honest (since my Mommy and Daddy say that's important). I liked swinging even better than feeding the calves and the kitty cats. I know I can swing at home, too, but I really do like Grandma and Grandpa's swing in their backyard.
Until next time,
Kinley Marie

P.S. My sister did not get to go on the expedition to feed the calves. She also did not get to swing. Sorry, Brooke. Maybe next time.

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