Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love: My Wish for All of Us

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love: It's what the Advent season should be about. So often, I get distracted by my to-do lists and the "must-do" requirements I place upon myself in order to have the perfect Christmas celebration for everyone.

But, a couple of weeks ago, our church choir sang a song called "Hope, Peace, Joy and Love," with words and music by Joseph M. Martin. Those words have been swirling around my stuffed-up head this Advent season. And it's my wish for all of us during this special time. Here are the words. Many of the photos are from our church, Stafford United Methodist. Others are from my Christmas decorations at home:
Hope is like a candle burning in the night
Hope paints every shadow with its gentle light.
Glowing like a promise till our faith is sight,
Hope is like a candle in the night.
Peace is like sweet music sounding pure and strong
Singing songs of comfort when the night is long.
Turning drums of hatred into heaven's song,
Peace is like sweet music pure and strong.
Joy is like a flower blooming in the soul,
Sending forth its fragrance to heal and make us whole
And when bitter winds are blowing
When birds refuse to sing.
Joy can turn our winter into spring.
Love is like a diamond wrapped in purest gold.
Nothing is more precious, nothing bought or sold.
Pearl of heaven's glory wondrous to behold,
Love is like a diamond wrapped in gold.
Joy is like a flower.
Peace is like sweet music.
Hope is like a candle in the night.

I'm looking forward to having my kids and granddaughters arrive today. We'll be with my family on Christmas Eve to celebrate my Mom's birthday and Christmas together. (My folks have gone from 5 great-grands last year to 8 this year. The family is growing!)

So ...

If you'd like to listen to the song I illustrated, this church's YouTube version had a large choir and full orchestra. We may not have sounded exactly like that. But we did have Kristen Knight on flute!


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    1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Cheri! I appreciate your friendship across the miles!

  2. Merry Christmas Kim. I hope you and your family had a wonderful day.

    1. Hope your Down Under Christmas was great, too, Lynda!