Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Weekend

Fact:  It is easier to photograph a leaf falling from a tree than to capture a 3 year old and her 1 year old sister on digital image. So much for the seasonal pumpkin pose.
Last Saturday, we started our day at the Stagg Hill Golf Course. The wheat was in the ground, and Randy was ready for a brief reprieve. A breeze ruffled the trees, whispering of the fall that is soon to arrive and cascading a leaf into a photo of Randy on one of the greens.

It was sweatshirt weather, perfect for a ride along on the golf course.

 I had a good book and my camera. Randy had his golf bag packed.
We were a couple weeks early for optimal fall scenes.

But, on parts of the course, the landscape was making a subtle transition away from summer to the reds and yellows of autumn.  
The golf course was busy enough that I could meander off into the fall foliage for a few photos and still make it back to the golf cart with time to spare before my golfer teed off yet again.
Really! These shots weren't taken while searching for Randy's ball.
He only lost a couple all day, though we wonder how many little white balls are raising the level of the river at one hole. He added a couple to the underwater pile.
After four hours on the golf course, we went to Brent's to watch college football on TV with him and his friends before heading off to Bill Snyder Family Stadium for the K-State vs. TCU game. I was halfway to the stadium before I realized I'd left my camera at Brent's ... and on Harley Day, no less. I consoled myself with the fact that the lighting at dusk wasn't very good for photos as the Harleys roared around the circumference of the stadium.
But my cell phone camera cooperated well enough to capture the beautiful sky to the north as the sun went down.
Nobody left the game early on Saturday night. We came close to knocking off the No. 2 team in the nation, but couldn't quite get it done. So it took us awhile to get out of Manhattan and get to Topeka for our "bed and breakfast."

But it was worth the trip. We got to see Kinley sing in the children's choir at Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church on Sunday morning - twice - since the choir sang at both services. I am still watching the little video clip of her singing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." It makes me smile every time.
Kinley is not only a singer, she's a photographer. She took this photo of Brooke and me.
And she demonstrated her bike-riding prowess to Grandpa and me.

From fall foliage to football to fun with the granddaughters, it was a winning weekend!