Thursday, October 1, 2015

Full Service Go-Fer

The sign seems kind of worn out - like me, the County Line's Full-Service Go-Fer!

There are definitely some perks to the job. I may not collect a paycheck, but I get paid in beautiful scenery, as the sun comes up ...
... or as the sun goes down.
In between, there's been plenty (besides my camera) in the rearview mirror. I've been making a couple of trips a day to get fertilizer at Zenith.
While I wait for the guys to fill the nurse tank, I read a little of my book.
A sign of the times? My bookmark is a hang tag off a sack of certified wheat seed.
Once the fertilizer tank is full, I then do a little more reading while I fill the 100-gallon diesel barrel.
Randy says he's not looking forward to the next co-op bill. I will concur, after watching the numbers spin on the gas tank (and hearing that the fertilizer is $4.20 a ton).

Driving at 45 miles an hour gives you plenty of time to appreciate the beauty around you. (Don't worry! I came to a complete stop to get this photo. The sky was just so pretty!)

But it was only a brief time out before I was back at the field to deliver the latest load of fertilizer. 
A trip to Miller Seed Farm yielded a pickup bed full of certified seed ...
... and a quick stop for a photo on the way there. (They are closed from noon to 1 for lunch. I was early. Really!)
And speaking of lunches, I've been delivering them at noon or at night, depending on the day.
Did I mention those sunsets? The working conditions aren't so bad.


  1. Your reward of seeing the sunrise and sunsets don't get much more special than that. How privileged we are to live this life in the country.

    1. I agree, Lynda. It is certainly a nice fringe benefit.

  2. Attitude is a choice. I love your choice to see all the beauty in your job!

    1. Thanks, Mrs. E. I try to see the positives, though, I must admit, some days are easier than others. But the beauty is always there, no matter the season, so that certainly helps!