Wednesday, May 30, 2012

4/4 Vision

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. 
There are seven million. 
 ~Walt Streightiff 

Maybe what the world needs is 4-year-old vision. What would life be like if we approached it with the fascination and wonder of a child?

Randy picked up an extra rider for a little bit on Monday afternoon. Adam, age 4, came to the farm to ride a combine. I'm not sure who had more fun -- Adam or Randy.

"We are going to have a great time," Adam declared, big as you please as he joined Randy in the combine cab.
And they did.

Adam lives in Hutchinson with his parents and his baby brother, Asher, who had to watch from the sidelines as Adam rode shotgun with Randy.

His mom, Katie, said that Adam has been asking lots of questions about combines, so she and husband, Jared, who both grew up in Stafford, decided to see if they could get him an up-close-and-personal look at Harvest 2012. We were happy to oblige.

Here on The County Line, we strive to keep the helpers happy. So I fixed both boys a snack in brown paper bags labeled with their names. Combine driving makes you hungry for M & M Cookies, washed down with a bottle of water.
Adam learned about the header ...
about the grain collecting in the bin behind the cab ...
about unloading the wheat into the truck ...
about all the gadgets in the combine cab ...
And lots more.

His mom says that Adam informed them that, "Wheat is in the bread that makes my peanut butter and jellies!" (That just happens to be his favorite food.)

Randy was quoted in an article in The Hutchinson News this past weekend about fewer young people returning to their rural roots to farm. Adam definitely has the farming bug at the moment. We'll see where he is in 18 years or so. 

 The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives.
  ~Robert Brault


  1. Kim
    Love your new header!
    Good Luck with the winter wheat harvest.

    Is that a new PicMonkey collage? I have not had time to play around with it yet. Your collage looks great.

    1. Thanks, Robyn! I usually don't change headers before the month changes, but my green wheat head just wasn't accurate anymore! And, yes, it is PicMonkey. It is super simple. I had played around with the tutorial you had on your blog last week, but I wasn't getting it. So I was glad to see they had added the collage feature. You will love it, I think!

  2. Kim & Randy,
    Thanks so much for welcoming guests on a busy harvest day...Adam had a wonderful time, as did his Dad and Mom!

    1. Randy and kids are a natural fit. I really enjoyed visiting with Jared and Katie. I guess I should have interviewed Adam when he got off the combine. I'm sure I would have learned tons. He's a sharp little guy!

    2. So sweet. I know how hectic harvest can get. Glad your guy made time for a little one! (And I'm guessing your cookies were a hit!)

    3. It really wasn't a problem. Adam was a delight, and there are always plenty of cookies to share. I'm sure Randy would give you a ride, too, and I'd definitely find you a cookie or two.