Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amber Waves of Grain

What a difference a month makes! If you look at a single head of wheat, there's still a lot of green. But compare this photo I took on April 10:
To the one I took on my walk yesterday, May 14:
(The "trail" in the field was caused when we had the crop treated with a fungicide last month. Read about that here.)
We are moving quickly toward the "amber waves of grain" immortalized in "America, the Beautiful." Will we be cutting wheat by the end of May? Time will tell. But my personal crop consultant wouldn't be surprised.

(FYI: The photo in my blog header was taken April 30. For the story of wheat from planting to harvest, click on this post and the links within it.)


  1. Harvest is going to be early this year! Love your header picture!

    1. Thanks Mrs. E! Yes, it's definitely going to be early.