Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rain Delay

You know that feeling when you're in the stands of a baseball game or a football game and the stadium announcer proclaims, "There's going to be a rain delay."

That's not how we feel this morning. We are mighty thankful for this morning's rain delay in Harvest 2012. Last night, we got 0.80" of rain here at home and - more importantly - no hail to go with it.
Photo by Dale Hearn, Zenith branch, Kanza Co-op via Facebook
As the clouds rolled in late yesterday afternoon, one of our trucks lost its belts and ended up in a photo that our friend, Dale Hearn, took looking slightly north and east from the Zenith elevator office, where he works. We got quite a lightning show as the storm rolled its way from north to south, an unusual storm pattern for our part of the world. Our weather usually arrives via the southwest.

No matter how it got here, we are thankful for the rain. Sure, we won't be cutting wheat today.
But the rain was a blessing to our alfalfa fields ...

And to our new milo crop, which appeared to be guzzling in a nice, cool drink of water this morning.

Now that's a rain delay we can all appreciate.


  1. Kim
    Glad you got some moisture! We have been getting some rain this week also.

    I played around with the collages on PicMonkey last night. Drop and Add is simpler than doing it yourself.

    1. Our niece got married this weekend. We didn't even have to feel guilty about being off the combine since it rained. Bonus!