Monday, May 21, 2012

Beauty from Ashes

Resurrection Window, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Clay Center, Photo by Lisa Bauer
The stained glass window doesn't look like it was taken from the pages of a children's Bible. There's not an image of Jesus welcoming the little children. The Good Shepherd is not cradling sheep in his arms while standing in a lush green pasture. Jesus is not standing on the other side of a door, ready for our knock.

Instead, it's like random shards of glass were tossed onto a stained glass canvas and soldered together. And, to a degree, they were.

When a tornado damaged the stained glass windows at Clay Center's St. Paul's Episcopal Church many years ago, the members collected the fragments of glass and had this window made. They call it the Resurrection Window. It now stands as a testament to God's faithfulness and the congregation's ability to piece together beauty from tragedy.

Out of despair, comes hope.
Out of hope, comes creativity.
Out of creativity, comes art.
Out of ashes, comes beauty. (Isaiah 61: 2-4)

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  1. What a beautiful image to represent a stunning truth, about the ways God pieces things together from the shards.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. It's a beautiful window in the town where one of my sisters lives, and I love that they call it the Resurrection Window. I would think it would be a weekly reminder for worshippers.