Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time Lapse Photography

This is not actually time lapse photography. False advertising? Perhaps. But there has been a lapse of time of one month between the photo taken on April 23, when we were hauling cow-calf pairs to pasture ...

And this photo taken May 22.
What a difference a month makes! This isn't our field. I just like the optical illusion of the wheat "touching" the trees as it marches up the hill.

The first loads of Stafford wheat came into the Kanza Co-op on Tuesday, May 22. Harvest is certainly not in full swing in Stafford County, but one farmer north of Stafford found one dry 60-acre field. The cutting bug bit his neighbors, too, but samples brought into the co-op were too wet, according to Donnie Pound, the Stafford branch manager. This will be Pound’s 43rd harvest with the company. Before this year, June 6th was the earliest start date he’d experienced. Pound has talked to multiple farmers in the area, none of whom can remember ever cutting wheat in May. 

Personally, Randy says it will be Friday at the earliest before we sample any fields. But if a little wheat dust from combines running in the area starts swirling in the air, he – and a bunch of his friends – may come down with combine fever. 

Stay tuned. Combine fever is highly contagious.

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