Tuesday, June 9, 2015

On a Roll

We're on a roll. Better late than never.

I'm at the end of my cliches, but we are just at the beginning of the 2015 hay season. Because of the wet May, we are later getting started than usual.

Late last week, Randy & Jake swathed hay at a few fields. (We are still waiting on the new swather, by the way.) We don't put down all the hay at once, since we don't want all the alfalfa to be ready to bale at the same time.
Sunday morning, Randy raked two windrows together. Raking helps dry out the alfalfa by letting air get to the bottom of the windrow. It also rakes two windrows together, speeding up baling since it requires fewer trips down the field. Fewer trips also mean less fuel used - always another good thing!

On Sunday evening, as the sun was setting, Randy baled the first round bales of 2015, giving him his first opportunity to use the new baler.
We were glad to avoid the rain and storms that others in Kansas got Sunday night. The setting sun bounced light off thunderheads to the east and the north.

A monitor inside the tractor cab lets Randy know when he has enough hay for a bale. Then, he stops the tractor and waits as the baler surrounds the bale with net wrap.
It's as easy as 1 ...
2 ...
(I thought later I should have shot a video instead of still shots. Next time, I promise!) There will be plenty of other opportunities during the next few days and months.


  1. I know we have been so dry, but the amount of rain this spring has been crazy! (Sure love seeing our green State!)

    1. It's amazing to see the changes on the drought maps, compared to 2 years ago. The green is gorgeous!

  2. Love seeing your hay making! Ironically half way around the world today we just baled up the last of our alfalfa for the season, and you are just starting your season. I love that!

    1. That's what I think is so interesting about being friends across the miles, Lynda! Enjoy a little freedom from broken-down swathers and balers - which always seems to happen in the heat of the season.