Monday, June 8, 2015

Out Standing In His Field

My farmer is out standing in his field.
He's also outstanding in his field. 

That's my "corny" joke for the day to go along with my update on the 2015 corn crop. The corn has certainly gotten its feet wet in its first month. But it's amazing what a little sunshine will do to go along with the moisture.
I took the photo at the top of the post on June 1. I took the photo directly above Sunday evening, June 7. Use Randy's knees as a measuring stick: See the difference in the height of the corn in just one week of sunshine and warmer temperatures? It's almost as if the corn grows overnight after a little bit of solar energy.
Here's another comparison: The photo above was taken June 1, and the one below was Sunday evening.
Randy started planting our corn crop April 11, but we got rain that night and the next day, totaling 1.50 inches. Then, we got another 3.10 inches here at home on April 16 and 17. A week later, April 23, a couple of fields had dried out enough to plant more. But when Randy about got the tractor and planter stuck after moving to another field, he took another hiatus. By the end of April, we still weren't quite done.
I'm constantly amazed at how much a baby changes in a year. But the corn crop even has that beat, I think.
It's already come a long way in just a little more than a month. And, in a total of five months or so, it will be ready to cut. There's a song from the musical "Oklahoma!" that claims: "The corn is as high as an elephant's eye." We're not quite there yet, but just give us time - and some more sunshine and rain in perfect quantities. (We don't want much, right?!)


  1. Totally out standing in his field is Randy, as is his wife!

    Corn is such an amazing plant. It grows so very fast with the right amount of water and sunshine. May yours continue to grow, and grow, and grow!

    1. Thanks, Lynda. It sometimes seems to grow overnight!