Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shine On

A Time to Think

Let God's promises shine on your problems.
 –Corrie ten Boom, author
From a Guideposts email devotional
I'm leaving this morning to go to Wichita for the Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Beginning mid-morning and continuing through Saturday at noon, laity and clergy representatives from all UM Churches in Kansas and Nebraska will gather to worship, learn, conduct business and debate tough issues. I'm Stafford UMC's lay delegate to conference, and I've spent the last few weeks reading a 115-page workbook and pondering a bunch of supplemental materials.
Though the theme for this annual conference is "Through many, One," some of the issues we'll debate have the potential to be as destructive and divisive as a thunderstorm when it unleashes its fury on top of us.

Still, I hope to find beauty, too, in the worship services and in my interactions with others, and yes, even in listening to passionate people work through issues to find solutions pleasing to God.
Taken Tuesday, June 9
I leave behind wheat fields quickly transitioning toward harvest under a hot summer sun and blustery southern winds.
Taken Sunday, June 7, but the flash made the green show up more.
And  I pray the conference, too, will ultimately harvest a spirit of cooperation through the Son and the winds of the Holy Spirit. 
This video is more for me than any readers I have today. I may need to hear the rush of wind through the wheat stalks and listen to the birds singing while I'm in the big city. Home is my happy place.
I'm taking a hiatus from the blog while I'm in Wichita. See you next week, when we'll likely start harvest, if the weather cooperates.


  1. Enjoy your time Kim I am always so happy to see your amazing photos. Hug B

  2. Safe travels. Thanks for sharing this breath taking beauty!

    1. Thanks, Marla! It was a good conference, but I am definitely glad to be home!