Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Breaking the Law

I didn't intend to be a law breaker. But it was right there on the sign: There was to be "No thru commercial traffic."

Well, cattle are our commerce (among other things). And we ended up having to use Fourth Street Road for a little commerce last week.

We weren't going the speed limit either. In fact, we held up a little traffic during our version of a cattle drive.

We moved cows from milo stalks to a small wheat pasture. Randy enticed them to leave with a little hay in the back of the pickup.

Then Jake and another helper, C.W., kept them along the straight and narrow with 4-wheelers.

I was parked at the corner. My mission: Slow people down with the flashing warning lights on the pickup and help turn the cattle south when they got to the corner.

The cattle cooperated. The pickup driver who got stuck behind the cattle was patient. All in all, it wasn't a bad way to spend a little time on a beautiful afternoon.

The cattle seemed happy, too.


  1. And the "girls", as we called them, always knew exactly where they were going!! In fact, I always thought that they were happy to be going!!
    Good article and good photos!

  2. Thanks, Jane! I always appreciate your faithful reading!