Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Frosty Morning

Frosty branches outside the Stafford 1st United Methodist Church
December 26, 2010

The last two Sunday mornings, I've been tempted.

No, I wasn't tempted to sleep in. I wasn't tempted to skip church.

But I was tempted to be a little late.

The last two Sunday mornings have been frosted more carefully than any meticulously prepared Christmas cookie.

Oh, the fleeting beauty is hard to ignore!

But our church now starts at 9 AM. I have Sunday School materials to run off ahead of time, and a choir run-through to attend.

I know if I don't pull my camera from my purse, the moment will be gone yet again. The sun has been a sleepyhead these past two Sundays, but he's sure to awaken soon and melt away the moment.

The first week, I just gazed wistfully out the window. But this Sunday, as we motored past the old barn on the Zenith Road, I just couldn't resist. (Much like I'm having trouble resisting the leftover Christmas goodies still in my kitchen.)

"Could you back up?" I asked my chauffeur.

These days, my ever-patient husband doesn't even have to ask why. He knows there must be a photo op around somewhere.

Painter Andrew Wyeth once said about his work:

It's a moment that I'm after, a fleeting moment,
but not a frozen moment.

Actually, Andrew, it was a frozen moment that I was after.


  1. Beautiful! I've missed them all! That picture could be a painting!!

  2. Thanks, Mrs. E! That's as close as I'll ever come to a painting. I'm not so good with paints and paintbrushes.

  3. Gorgeous! I miss that part of God's country!

  4. Thanks! You are welcome to visit! Lisa can even give you directions.

  5. Beautiful, Kim! I miss frosty mornings, but you've recaptured them for me. I loved the quote from Andrew Wyeth!

  6. This is some of God's handiwork that HAS to be photographed!! It calls to you for "just one more shot." Love it!

    Jane T

  7. Kim--I actually think I might know right where you are without your lovely sister's help! It's a small world but I am from Reno County and my used-to-be stepdad is from the Sylvia area. I miss that flat land....Kelli

  8. It truly is a small world! I'll bet you do know how to find me!