Monday, August 3, 2015

Date Night

Note:  I haven't had internet at home since Wednesday at 8 AM. To say I'm frustrated is an understatement. I scheduled a few posts while I was at my parents over the weekend. Until I have internet connection at home, I may not respond quickly to comments left on the blog. However, you may contact me via email, I can get email via my phone.

Fishing doesn't make my Top 10 list of things to do. And, we didn't catch a single fish the other night, but it was still worth the trip. This "date night" didn't take us to a fancy restaurant or a movie theater. But I contend that the scenery would rival a five-star resort. We even had a sandy beach - well, sort of. Yes, there were cattle tracks in it, but that's OK. And I even had my own "waiter" who put the liver on the fish hook for me. Now that's service!
Thankfully, my fishing companion also doesn't care if I spend more time taking photos than dangling a line in the Rattlesnake Creek.
He is fine with me opening the pages of my book before I open a tackle box. (If you haven't read Still Alice by Lisa Genova, I'd recommend it, though with early-onset Alzheimer's disease as the topic, it's not a lighthearted fiction read.)
This was my first time fishing at Rattlesnake Creek. Usually, my fishing guide takes me to the Ninnescah River instead.
Though there weren't any other humans around during our excursion, the creek banks were filled with these little frogs, who scurried out of grasses into the cool water as we walked by.
It wasn't hard to see why they'd want to take a dip in the water under cloud-dotted Kansas skies.
After our unsuccessful fishing expedition, we drove further into the pasture to check the electric fence charger and make sure it was still operational.
It was clicking away, and the fence between our pasture and the neighbors was still stretching toward the horizon, just like it's supposed to be.
With the sun going down and a breeze blowing, it was a beautiful evening, despite the heat.
The grass remains in pretty good shape. (It should be even better now after 1 1/2 inches over two days last week.)
The cattle didn't appear to have any complaints.
Neither did the fishermen.


  1. Sounds like a perfect date night some of mine have involved fencing and chasing cattle:) I am sure some of yours have too:) That book is something I would like to read I am going to look for it. Nice looking place you have. HUGS B

    1. Yes, we have our share of those kinds of "date" nights, too. But this time, it was just enjoying the nice evening.

  2. Glad to see you and Randy had a date night! I'm finding the simple things are the most enjoyable.

    Yea for rain! We could use some good moisture.

    1. We have missed most of the moisture this week. It has gone east of us. We got a sprinkle of newly-planted alfalfa and sudan yesterday.

  3. Loved coming along for your time out! You do have a very picturesque fishing spot. And I love the addition of the frogs. It all looks very green for summer. Is that usual for this time of year?

    1. We have had summers where it has not been so green when we were experiencing drought. We are fortunate this year to have gotten several rains, though our dryland corn isn't looking the best. It could have used more. We're never happy, right?!