Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Love the Tunnel

A tunnel may conjure up images of a car being swallowed up by a black hole. Once inside, the hum of the car tires traveling over asphalt echoes off the claustrophobic walls and the lights streaming by make it seem like you're the bouncing ball in a fast-moving video game.

Not that I have all that much experience with those kinds of tunnels living on a farm in Central Kansas. But I do love another kind of tunnel - what I call "tree tunnels."

It's one of my favorite things about summertime. Along a country road, a blanket of vivid green envelops me, kind of like a child being tucked into a tight cocoon of blankets at night. 
Quivira National Wildlife Refuge has even labeled one of its tree tunnels. I need to go back and take photos at different times of the day to see how the light shifts and changes. These photos were taken in the evening, following a trip to check our Rattlesnake pasture.
But it doesn't have to have a brown-and-white label to create an overarching canopy of green and texture floating over a secluded country road.
One of my favorite parts of going to the Rattlesnake is seeing how the branches and leaves perform a ballet of light and shadow, a show for which I get a free, front-row seat.
And it's always new - from hour to hour and from season to season.


  1. Natures tunnels always make me stop and look too. Neat pictures, Kim. I think the minimum maintenance road adds to the tunnel character and out in the middle of nowhere feeling.

    1. I think you're right. That road doesn't get much "love," so it makes it seem even more secluded (and sometimes hard to get down)!