Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sky on Fire

Sunrise, August 25
Remember those bins of rubber balls in the end-cap display at the downtown five and dime when you were a kid? As I've looked at the sky the last few days, it seems like one of those balls has escaped from the bin and has rolled across the horizon, bouncing higher or lower as the day begins or ends.

It's been beautiful, almost like the sky is on fire. And unfortunately, the red sky at dusk and dawn has had fire as its source, according to meteorologists.
Sunrise, August 25
Recent red sunsets and sunrises will soon diminish as smoke particulates from western-state fires in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and California are expected to disappear from the atmosphere in Kansas this week. A cold front this past weekend carried smoke from multiple western fires to Kansas, said Jeff Hutton, warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Dodge City.
Sunset framed by trees, August 24
There’s been smoke in the atmosphere for the past few weeks, into even a month, Hutton said, but it’s not always easy to see. The air quality across the plains is fairly good, and air quality “is not really an issue” due to the strong Kansas winds.
Sunset, August 21. I wondered if the smoke made this sunset hazy.
It's too bad that such beauty in my backyard is tied to such destruction for others.

Pastor Nate has asked us to pray for a California church camp, Hume Lake, where he spent many happy summers. This long-time church camp has been threatened by wildfire. They are not alone. Prayers for those who've lost so much in the fires - even their lives - and for the safety of the firefighters combating the blazes.

It's a reminder to celebrate the small things every day. The small things often become the big things.


  1. Smokey sunrises/sunsets are stunning, but it is hard to appreciate the beauty fully knowing that they are caused by such destructive fires. Praying that they get them under control soon.

    1. I hope so, too. We have two young men who grew up in this community helping to fight the fires. They are in my prayers, as are the other firefighters.