Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ta-Da! It's a Beautiful Day!

I started yesterday morning outside at my sunrise tree, watching the night transition to day with wisps of pink thread streaking the sky above the horizon. I imagined a heavenly chorus of angels, elegantly rustling their wings, and whispering, "Ta-da! It's a beautiful day!"

I certainly hoped it would turn out to be. After two long, LONG weeks, the satellite internet repairman was supposed to arrive on the County Line. I hoped it would signal the end to my exile from easy access to online news (which I need for my job, by the way). I hoped I would be able to blog in my PJs in the comfort of my own home office instead of driving 15, 35 or 45 minutes to use someone else's internet connection.

I tried not to get my hopes up, but the magnificent sky seemed a good omen. The sky was pretty from all angles, even as I looked west opposite the brilliant sunrise, across a neighbor's field with CRP grasses neatly baled. I hoped the technician would have his truck neatly packed in every nook and cranny, too, prepared for every eventuality for repair. He was coming from Wichita, so it's not like he could just run back to his shop for a forgotten screw or something.

I know I should just be grateful that I can get internet here on the farm. It's certainly better than the dial-up access I had for years. But I'm frustrated in my lack of options. After multiple phone calls and at least 10 "case numbers" from Hughesnet, my satellite internet provider, I was ready to try something, ANYTHING, else. A repairman had to come from Wichita? Surely there was someone closer?

I polled other farmers' wives on a Facebook group to which I belong. Surely these other country dwellers would have ideas. And they did. But none of them served the Stafford/Reno County line of Kansas, America.

I was stuck. So I waited. And waited. And waited some more. And, you'll notice, I didn't say I waited patiently because that is not my nature. But I made do with trips to my parents, to the church and to the Hutchinson Public Library to access their internet.

The last time I was without internet for an extended period,  I didn't have a smart phone. This time, at least, I could check and respond (briefly) to emails and keep up with Facebook. So it could have been worse.

Lo and behold, the repairman didn't even get lost. He showed up early. He found moisture inside my outside receiver and replaced the parts. He told me he hoped that would be the last I'd see of him for awhile. And though he was very nice, I told him that I hoped I wouldn't become his best friend either. He drove off to save other poor people who (I assume) had been waiting forever to have their internet fixed, too.

So, what have I learned? Well, if I'm honest, probably not patience. But I am thinking that I don't have to blog five days a week. If I want to, fine. If I don't, that's OK, too. I've learned that even though I pay for the absolute best service Hughesnet provides, it's still not very fast when compared to internet in town.
I ended the day as I began it, watching the expanse of Kansas sky just beyond the trees that surround my rural home - no internet required.
And though I might long for speedy internet or a quick dash into the grocery store for a forgotten ingredient instead of a 15-minute trip, I am grateful for this beautiful place I call home.
(Especially now that I've got internet - sad but true!)


  1. Welcome back! I too am frustrated with my internet choices but am glad to have it so I can see your great pics and post!

  2. Ah, thanks! You made my day!

  3. Indeed Welcome Back!! I have missed your regular posts and stunning photos. Internet, and technology in general, can be so frustrating when it doesn't work. We are so now reliant on it for everyday use whether business or pleasure. So when it fails it is a major deal. I hope that your internet is now fixed with no more problems, and you can post away on your blog till your hearts content.

    1. Thank you, Lynda! Yes, we all discover how "addicted" we are to technology when it's not at our fingertips. As I was waiting this morning for it to "fire up," I thought, "I wish it weren't so slow," but then I had to remind myself to be grateful it's back at all! How quickly I forget!