Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Many Faces of Kinley

Photo by Jill: I wish I could say I took this one. I love it.
Knowledgeable (for 3!)
Y(WHY? It may be a stretch, but "WHY" fits better than any  "Y" word I could come up with!)

It was Brooke's turn in the spotlight yesterday, so today, it's Kinley. Since she's 3, I can still get away with it. In 10 years, I'm sure there will be a ban to rival Homeland Security when it comes to disclosing any information about our oldest granddaughter.
We had the pleasure of taking Kinley to her first musical during our visit last weekend. We went to Aladdin Junior, which featured a cast of children and youth. With a run-time of only 75 minutes, it was the perfect length for the short set.
We are at the cheesy grin stage!
Kinley loves singing and dancing and Disney princesses, so we thought it was the perfect show. She is not too fond of scary things, however, so Jafar - or The Mean Guy, as Kinley deemed him - was not a hit with our little theater go-er. Thankfully, the genie was a precocious little actress who stole the show. She was sassy - not scary (though her entrance with smoke and flashing lights had Kinley covering her eyes again).
Afterwards, she was content to watch Jasmine sign autographs and pose for photos from afar. That's as close as she wanted to get.
Saturday morning, we went to the Farmer's Market near the Kansas Capitol building.
She was quite the helper (after Grandma supplied a little energy with a freshly-squeezed lemonade.)
Since Brooke didn't want to ride in the stroller, it turned out to be a good produce cart.
Grandma bought a cookie decorating kit from one of the market exhibitors, so we frosted and "sprinkled" the confections while Brooke had a nap.
Kinley might have nibbled on a little frosting (if you look closely, you'll see the evidence.) She's a girl after my own heart when it comes to frosting.
Kinley loves to draw and color. She also loves to have Grandma read to her (but we didn't get any photos of that). She says that, "Grandma will read the songbooks, too." She has an Annie book where we can bust out our "Tomorrow" and "Maybe" renditions.
Photo by Jill
On Monday, she was so excited to move into her new preschool room at school. She is growing up quickly. I was glad her Daddy sent me a photo so I could see, too!


  1. Kim,
    Jill did capture some good shots of Kinley in the blue polka dot dress!

    When we went to Medora there was a family with four kids that sat in front of us. I'm guessing the older two kids were in school, a 3 year old and baby. We never heard a peep out of the kids the entire show. They must have been as mesmerized with the music and dancing as I was.

    When we are around our friends with little ones it always amazes me how capable (or at least wanting to "help") kids are. They are little people with tastes, preferences and opinions.

    Glad you are enjoying Grandparent hood to the fullest!