Friday, May 6, 2011

A Bouquet for Moms

My mom and me, 1957

And so our mothers and grandmothers have, more often than not anonymously, handed on the creative spark, the seed of the flower they themselves never hoped to see - or like a sealed letter they could not plainly read.

Alice Walker

On this Mother's Day weekend, I'd like to share a visual bouquet for all the moms and grandmas out there. A few weeks ago, Randy & I spent a couple of hours at Botanica in Wichita.

The day before we were there, the wind had blown 50 mph. While there was a blanket of petals in some of the flower beds, I was amazed at the resiliency of the flowers. They held their ground and survived, despite less-than-ideal conditions.

And aren't mothers kind of like that? In the face of obstacles and gale force "winds," moms help us survive the storms of life.

They feed and water and care for us in all sorts of ways and help mold us into the totally unique beings we were created to be.

Sometimes they hide in the shadows and let us shine.

They provide that window on the world and perspective that helps guide our decisions ...

and directs our paths.

Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.
Jim Rohn

So, on this Mother's Day weekend, appreciate the beauty of your mom, your grandmas and all the women in your life who helped make you into you.

A garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever.
Richard Briers

If that's the case, I guess a garden is kind of like being a mom.

Brent and Jill, 1988

August 2009

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the Moms, Grandmas and special women in our lives!

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  1. Glad I get to spend Mothers Day with you!! See you in a few hours!!