Monday, May 16, 2011

Roots and Wings

If Facebook is any barometer, it was graduation weekend for lots of families. I personally know people who collected their bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and even one who wrapped up a doctorate.

Next weekend, more high school graduates will walk across the stage, collect their diplomas and run headlong into the next phase of their lives.

Good parents give their children roots and wings
roots to know where home is,
and wings to fly away and exercise what's been taught them.
-Jonas Salk

On Mother's Day weekend, we visited Jill and Eric in Omaha. As always, it was fun be together and to see where our "little girl" is putting down roots and building a new life with a pretty great guy.

The broken big toe slowed me down a bit, but it wasn't something that a heating pad couldn't solve.

I will have to say that we didn't get our money's worth at the Henry Doorly Zoo because of my temporary handicap. But we did get to go in one of my favorite exhibits, the Butterfly House. My family's gift for me on Mother's Day? Their patience and their quest to be the best butterfly scouts in the place.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."
- Maya Angelou

Life changes. Little girls grow up. Little boys move away and pursue their own dreams. It's quite a journey. As babies, they reflexively grasp your fingers in their tiny hands. And the letting go begins in increments ... even as early as they quit holding on to your outstretched hands and awkwardly toddle away.

It requires some scraped knees, broken hearts, teenage angst and a little healthy rebellion. It's all part of the journey. And that's a beautiful thing.

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