Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Now Interrupt This Program

We now interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you ... a broken big toe.

Yes, today I had intended to bring you more details from our annual project to move cows and calves to summer pastures.

However, I didn't plan on being on the injured reserve list. So instead of our regularly scheduled program, I bring you a detour on the journey. I am on the farm wife casualty list at the moment after an accident yesterday while we were sorting mama and baby calves.

And things started out so well. It was a beautiful morning.

The boss handed me my own personal list of numbers we were looking for. And lo and behold, the leaders of the pack in the corral happened to be R66 and her baby 1066, who were at the top of the list. We ran them into a separate pen, easy as can be.

The sorting went fairly well. We'd already taken a load of babies and 10 mamas in trailers to the Rattlesnake Creek pasture and were back to load more. We got Randy's trailer loaded and were sorting out seven more to ride in Jake's trailer.

And then it happened. See the wooden post on the lefthand side of the photo? It broke from its moorings and the big red metal gate came crashing down on my big toe.

I will spare you the photo of my toe. I have ugly feet, and let's just say they aren't any prettier with the new black and blue coloration.

After three hours of waiting at the clinic yesterday, I learned that, yes, indeed, I have a broken big toe. This morning, I'm going to see the orthopedist who will probably also confirm I have a broken big toe.

I'm not sure there is much they can do about it other than let it heal. So we'll see.

It was just a case of bad luck. Or good luck, depending on how optimistic I choose to be. It definitely could have been worse. If the gate would have fallen on the arch of my foot, it could have broken a whole bunch of bones.

I was supposed to be co-hostess for PEO today. So instead of making a homemade dessert, they are getting Dutch Kitchen pies. That could be worse too. I don't think anyone will complain about Dutch Kitchen pies.


  1. That sucks! Broke my big toe when I was in high school - still hurts when it's gonna rain - which means it has been hurting for over a month now since we live in Indiana!
    Hope it gets better soon!


  2. Thanks Jent! You could definitely send some of that rain to Kansas!

  3. oooooeeeeee! and you can't even blame on something romantic like......"and I was wrangling this cow and she came down on my foot"....... Bad Gate! Bad, bad gate! I guess you'll have more blogging time than usual, huh? Does this mean your husband will cook you dinner? So sorry, Kim.

  4. No, Deb, it certainly isn't a story suitable for a movie screen or anything, is it? And, yes, my husband has been very attentive!