Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Thriving Metropolis

The state of Kansas may not have sprung for new signage along U.S. Highway 50. But someone with a sense of humor did.

Last week, as I was approaching Stafford, I saw a red flag fluttering from a new sign.

"Stafford Next 5 Exits," it proclaimed.

I had to smile. But it's not false advertising. There truly are five different streets where you can turn to explore our fine community. You can see one of our skyscrapers in the background.

And just in case travelers missed the opportunity, here's the other side of the sign:

It's not often that you see an NC+ seed sign coupled with one of those "Big Town, USA, next 5 exit" signs.

(Read more about Stafford signs - and get a couple of great cake recipes - by clicking here.)

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