Monday, May 23, 2011

Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Randy often looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. It's a great quality to have in a husband.

This time, I think his idyllic glasses are tinted green.

We got 0.90 of rain early Friday morning. Lying in bed, listening to it rain, it sounded like more. It had a long time since we had heard the patter of rain on the roof, so we were thankful for the moisture.

As we were driving to church on Sunday, Randy said he thought the wheat looked better. Honestly I can't see much difference. Maybe it did halt its downward spiral.

The rain may boost wheat production by a few bushels an acre, and it could help increase test weights. By mid-May, the maximum number of tillers and kernels per head has already been established, according to Jim Shroyer, a K-State wheat specialist. The 100-degree days in early May certainly didn't do the wheat yield potential any favors.

What we do know is that the rain should help green up pastures and help the alfalfa to grow a little more. And it's provided enough moisture to start planting silage today. Milo planting is also the agenda this week.

There are farmers in western Kansas who have already "harvested" their wheat by baling it for cattle feed or working it up. At least we'll get to pull the combine out of the shed and see what happens.

So I guess I'll get out my green-colored glasses, too.

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